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Reading Derailment - DR73114

Over the weekend, DR73114 derailed on some points at Reading. Breakdown cranes 96710 and 96715 attended to help with the recovery.

77905 was coupled to 73114 but remained on-track.

More details and maybe photos when we know more...

A photo of the incident appears on the Reading Chronicle website here.

Looks like recovery will be a tricky operation!

I passed this on my way to Old Oak this morning. but being unaware it had happend I only managed a breif look as the train passed. From what I saw the comment in the Chronicle about no damage to the machine is a bit optormistic. The main body of the machine was hidden behind sections of boarding but from the angles I saw it sitting at I would suggest that all three bogies were of the road and the machine was sitting on its trollies, lifting frames and tamping banks in the ballast. Also the angle between main body and trailer would suggest universal joint damage maybe even localised frame damage and twisting.

Network Rail must be Plasers favorite customer at the moment.

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