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Ribble Rail Unpowered Muscleman

Whilst undertaking a guided tour of the 'out of bounds' areas of the Ribble Steam Railway on 8th September 2013, I noted an unpowered Permaquip Muscleman which I logged as 60442 from the BR Plant plate attached to it - the 3rd number was rather indistinct, which I now suspect would be a '1' making it 60142. The unit was burried in the undergrowth close to the dismantled turntable, and unfortunately I didnt take a photograph of it. Can anyone confirm that this is what I saw?


Alex Betteney

Evening Alex, i have it down as 60142 - seen 12th April 2009, Brian.

Hi Alex, I can confirm that on 25th September 2005, I also recorded (and photographed) this vehicle as 60142. Roy

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