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I was fortunate to visit Plasser this morning and have confirmed all the details of the seven vehicles here. The measuring wagon 92945 is the one alongside the shed but the others are currently inside.

Thanks again to my usual helpful contact there.

Some vehicles outside today but my view blocked by units. If things haven't changed since my visit they should be 97512 nearest shed



97509 nearest Paddington

Will try to confirm.

Some vehicles of this machine notes outside Plasser today. 97509 noted and two of the wagon consist. Any help appreciated on identifying the others.

I didn't pass yesterday but will look on Monday.

I passed by yesterday, I believe there were 4 vehicles, but I was unable to identify any numbers due to those pesky units. It does seem to match Ben's description of 27/7 though, with a driving vehicle at the country end as well as 97509 and 2 wagons.

So I'm grateful for any assistance with this also.


Yes it looks like there are some vehicles now adjacent to shed but my view blocked by units as usual! Also in yard outside was an RM900 ballast cleaner and associated vehicles with loco on front or back (or both) so these have just arrived - overnight from Tyne yard by the looks of it. Expect the Robels have moved out to make space for these...

Three of the power car vehicles are outside plus some wagons but this evening my train speed and the new fence made identification tricky!

Failed again tonight - the new palisade fencing is very unhelpful as I think the cross bar is also at same height as the DR numbers! May have more luck from a slower train...

Ted you've added sightings for all seven yesterday but I don't think all of these are currently outside? Did you visit inside too?

Reliable source visited yesterday and confirmed the following situation:

west to east:

99859352057-5. Next to shunter.






92945 & 97512 inside shed.

No change at Plasser this morning which makes the sightings added yesterday another work of fiction.

Please don't add sightings unless you have seen something!


Just read your message

Saw consist from the footbridge.


Yes but two you've added were in the shed.

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