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Small tamper between Sheffield and Rotherham?

This could be by eyes failing me, but when passing through the above areas by train on Saturday, I'm sure I noticed a small tamper, possibly narrow gauge, on what I guess to be a lorry trailer (it seemed a bit high above the ground) at an industrial-looking area between Sheffield and Aldwarke (right hand side when heading away from Sheffield). It looked to have a profile not dissimilar to 75203 etc. I've tried a quick search, and found nothing. I can't be making all of that up surely?! I'd love to know what I saw!

Dan, if in a private siding it may well be DR75203. I know that MLP have in the past done work on maintaining the sidings complex at Tata Aldwarke. Can you be more specific as to location? Other private sidings on the right hand side would include EMR at Attercliffe and Booths (well the private access) at Rotherham and it is possible these may also be worked on by MLP from time to time.

It wasn't on rails, (sorry, should have made that clearer) it appeared to in a car park of an industrial estate type location, on the back of a trailer. Unfortunately I can't be more specific on the location as I must've missed it on the way back, and only caught a glimpse of it when going past in the morning.

Hi Dan,

It's definitely not DR75203 as we have just collected this from Plasser after a year upgrading it and it's now in a workshop at Eastwood being resprayed ready for being brought back into use

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