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Hi Ben

Just had a good glimpse of the Unilock shunter at Wembley today. It dawned on me that it is a road/rail vehicle so thought that perhaps an entry for Unilock's good be placed on the website (though just how much rail use they see now is not clear). I know that there were two other Unilocks somewhere in the UK but can't remember where they were or if they are still around. I don't know what other peoples thoughts are on this subject.

p.s. Is Unilock the make or brand as Unimog is with Mercedes.

My thoughts - not on this site.

Maybe I'll add Uniloks (and Miniloks & Trackmobiles) when I launch NicheRailVehiclesThatDontFitAnywhereElse.com...


There is another of these road/rail Unilock shunting locomotives at Longsight depot, Manchester often to be seen in the yard from passing trains.

Ted Knotwell

Vince, that website could go viral - be careful what you wish for:-)

What were the machines that used to be at BOCM Selby along with the Unimog?

They were UNILOK Type but maybe not Unilok built.

I know that they wanted silly money when I asked about buying them.

BOCM Selby had a Strachan & Henshaw road rail locomotive - I saw it at Selby about 20 years ago. They also had a Unimog as well as a conventional locomotive at their works at the time.

Ted Knotwell

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