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Found the below while playing on Youtube.

I am pretty sure this is an old UK BR machine now in Poland, any guesses to it's original UK ID?

Think it's 77318 which left in 2008

Thanks, think you are correct, was convinced I knew this machine, worked with it around 2002, nice to see it still working.

I keep listening to the engine sound and cannot decide if still original RR engine or a converted Cummins in it?

Here is another ex-BR USP500C in Poland, a bit easier to guess the original ID.

That's a rarity.

Seeing a Reg with side ploughs out.

Yes, very rare, normally only used during service for greasing.

I'm sure many ex-fitters watching this remember dealing with working drive traction faults with these.

That brush drive dog clutch engaging on the twin disc was a bugger. Hard to access right under the hydraulic tank and that crappy limit switch?.

And operators leaving the brush drive switch in the wrong position after a shift....??

The Colas one is 77335 I presume?

Yes, also pretty sure 73103 is in the background on that video.


Used the profilers frequently in the 80's when I worked out of Taunton.

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