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WCML 44 trolleys

Visited a few WCML locations yesterday.

Nothing present at Althorp AP.

At Northampton 901093 was parked away from the rest of the stored trolleys and trailers which may mean it is still used.

Although I saw eight trolleys here and five trailers - the same as previous May report - 901092 had gone and 901085 had joined.

At Bibby's yard Wolverton 901115.

Bletchley depot had 5 trailers all quarantined and 901070 also taped out of use. 901114 appeared still active.

I believe there is still one visible at Denbigh Hall AP near Milton Keynes but anyone seen any others lineside recently?

There's still one at Tring, but I've never seen it in a different spot, so presume it doesn't get used.

On recent trips to Euston the two mentioned above at Denbigh Hall and Tring plus one at Bibby's Yard have been the only ones noted

Thanks guys. I think the ones that were at Hanslope are now back at Northampton. 901082 wasn't seen last weekend - this was previously at Althorp in 2016.

Obviously most of the former Stafford / Stoke allocation of early machines are now at Nuneaton stored out of ticket.

Still a few Bletchley ones not been seen for a few years - possibly still in containers. 901111 901112 901113.

Hi Ben, Called at Bridge St, 10th May this year, the yard foreman informed me that only 901092-5, & 901093-3 are still being used & the rest are in quarantine, there were 8 4x4 trolleys & 5 trailers.

Some will have noticed the recent appearance of Bletchley 44s at Rugby. I was told on Saturday that they are servicing them here so it is perhaps one to keep an eye on.

The stored examples were still in the north end of the yard but I didn't have access to these.

Northampton 901082 still not been seen anywhere since Althorp in 2016. I'm not sure where this might have gone. Presumably the one at Denbigh Hall (is it still there?) will be a Bletchley one - possibly 901111 or 901113 which have not turned up at Rugby yet.

Hi Ben, or anyone else who might be able to help.

Do you happen to know which the 6 stored 4-4s at Rugby are please?

The ones I refer to are to the north of the ones by the NR depot entrance gate, i.e. to the right of the ABC stuff as you look towards the line.



Hi Chris

In April there were five up the north end:

901107. 901099. 901097. 901108. 901100.

Of course they seem to be shifting around a lot at the moment and if you saw 6 they may have completely changed again.

Two former Rugby ones have been seen at Bletchley recently...

Thanks Ben

It's certainly possible I may have miscounted, I was viewing from a distance and angle.

I seem to remember seeing some there in Feb 2017 and more recently in June this year, and had suspicion that they were the same ones. However without any id's it was impossible to know

Thanks again for your help


No problem.

I've also since been told the one that was at Denbigh Hall for months has now moved...

Only five were at the north end of Rugby yard yesterday plus six in the compound which Ben checked on 28th July...but of course some could have changed in that time.

One at Tring also gone apparently...

Anyone know which one is at Stafford NR depot? Seen yesterday 2/8, cheers

901196 I think but last sighting in May...

Ahh right, ok no worries thanks for that though Ben!

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