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York Klondyke Sidings - Clearout

After the recent comments from Alex and Dan, it seems that York Klondyke Sidings are being cleared out.

Wagons were always notoriously difficult to identify, what with the lack of viewing points and trackbed-trees covering the numbers. A few lucky people have accessed the yard but there haven't been any reports recently.

Does anyone know the fate of the following wagons please, listed with their last-seen dates?...

979011 - October 2016

979061 - December 2015

979068 - January 2015

979076 - January 2015

979097 - January 2015

979110 - January 2015

979111 - January 2015

979114 - October 2016

979115 - January 2015

979122 - October 2016

979123 - October 2016

979413 - October 2016

979506 - October 2016

979511 - February 2016

979513 - February 2016

979611 - October 2016

979613 - February 2016


979011, 061, 068, 076, 097, 110, 115 and 611 are almost certain to have been scrapped - none are on TOPS anymore. The rest are still on TOPS, and show as being at Klondyke, but there's a good chance these have also gone (road moves never show on TOPS, and many long-gone vehicles still show on the system as being in yards for that reason), but in no way confirmed. All show as being in pool 9204, will ask my contact when I can what the description for this pool is.

979011 was seen at Wishaw in April, stopping off en-route from York.

In addition to these, a large number of the KFA wagons latterly stored with these at York have also been removed for scrap. Most are currently at Wishaw undergoing parts recovery.

Missed one off the list, 111 also no longer on TOPS.

Thanks Dan for this and other comments.

So are we thinking that 92201 etc went to Nortons of Liverpool while redundant LWRT wagons went to A1 Metals, Elkesley, Notts (Nottingham Sleeper Co) with 88101?

According to Dave Denton on wwrail, 17 went to Nortons, and 16 went to A1 metals, however, he knew no numbers as to what went where. A friend of mine who lives near Liverpool told me that on the 27th May, at least four of the DR922xx series were still intact, but were covered in large piles of scrap.

Oh, I've got pool 9204 checked, it's listed as 'Network Rail stored LWRT', although there are several cranes and rail retrieval wagons in the same pool.

A search on here for "Klondyke" now gives a full list of what was there I think. Total 36! If the contracts were split in half I'm not sure we'll ever know what went where. ..?!

Hi, saw 979116 at Wishaw yesterday. It was by the main gate.


Were some of these grounded, or minus bogies at least, and visible from the NRM? Or am I thinking of the wrong yard?

There are/were three in the Freightliner WRD yard which would have been visible from the NRM - they are 979511/513/613, a further example was also located at the old Leeman Road OTPD (number eludes me). Unsure whether these are uncluded in the Klondyke clear out

Passed Klondyke today. Reckon there was one power wagon and three intermediates there.

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