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Yorkshire Bank Tamper

Has anyone noticed the recent Yorkshire Bank advert on TV recently?

There is a Tamper on it, have a look.

So who can ID which one it is?

Think I have sussed it as I have worked on it in the past, look carefully for chevrons......


http://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/pt2437 ?

Judging by the Metro passing in the background!

The machine is 2437. I know because I worked on it for two years at Nexus. You can tell because you cannot see the vibrator motors on the outside of the tamping banks. They are between the banks due to the tight gauge of metro system.

Well yes, it is the Metro 08 machine, chevrons clue was the fly wheel guards, but I suppose the Metro Trains gave it away.

Quite a few machines have the vibration motors on the inside now.

Good to see you are still in the industry Paul, can you still jump off a workshop bench and do "Crowd Surfing" with the Newcastle guys?

It was Paul Bradley who used to do the crowd surfing at Newcastle, I was an apprentice the year before but I remember it well.

Happy days.

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