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Case 688 Roadrailer for sale

I was forwarded a link to this vintage Case 688 Roadrailer which appears to be for sale through a dealer in Ireland. What is strange though is it has a UK registration plate but we don't have a record of it and I am told it hasn't appeared in any books?

Plate is H603LOV, and can make out some build number which looks like CGG00323#?

Previous owner appears to be TKL Group based near Rotherham? But perhaps later sold to someone in Ireland where it has been hiding since?

First registered in December 1990, its tax ran out 1st January 1994, so certainly hasn't been road-worthy at least over here for some time.

Is it Broad gauge or Standard?

I suspect few know about this machine as it was converted to road/rail after the 1995 book and exported to Ireland before the 2000 book. It was owned by T. K. Lynskey Excavations, Rotherham, fleet number 188, and was often to be found in use on railway work in the South Yorkshire / North Derbyshire area. Full serial number is CGG 0003230. Rexquote conversion 1084.

Thanks Peter - entry for it now added.

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