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Road railers for sale

Anyone know anywhere where there is a PC138 or a mega railer for sale

Have you looked there?

Yes Dan looked there and there is nothing suitable

Lots for sale here that may or may not be of interest:

(no PC138s though)

A few machines for sale on Readypower's site...

What type of R/R Excavator to go for?

Tyred or Tracked or maybe a Mecalec?

Can tracked machines lift and use flails?

Part of the year likely to be needed for on rail work such as flailing, ballast profiling and general lifting duties.

Remainder of the year likely to be used as a excavator working on reballasting jobs with single line track out.

Bearing in mind the high axle load of a wheeled machine.

Can anyone give me an idea for what would be best as an all rounder.

Not much to choose from when ontrack.

Both machines will lift and flail.

Working off track and on ballast suggest a tracked machine would be better.

A tracked machine is generally a more stable platform.

Tracks = low ground pressure, good over rutted/poor groud.

Wheels = good on hard surface and higher transit speeds intra and inter site.

For flail work, ensure the hydraulics can feed enough hydraulic flow and cooling for a flail attachments.


Bryan please message me for more information I was talking to Nick Carter about this topic in September, Vince will let you have my email.


Bryan - have just forwarded Martin's email address as requested. Please let me know if you didn't receive it/any issues etc

Thanks Vince

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