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Fire at Strathspey

Reports of a fire in the shed at Boat of Garten:

Facebook post suggests at least one packer and "muscleman" were in there.

They have also put out a plea for any other available packers if any lay unused.

List suggests they had quite a few here?

More items may also be destroyed sadly...

I suspect BP005 is / was the operational one whilst 001, 013 and 030 used for spares?

I haven't heard any more on this other than the contents of shed was all trashed. Could be a fair proportion of their plant items gone...

From what I've been told, nothing was salvageable. All equipment gone.

Real shame for a lot of the guys who paid for items out of their own pockets.

Sightings have appeared of some of their items. Looks like the Ego4s have escaped at Aviemore. Expect the remains of the shed will be a no go area anyway.

I took some pictures as I was passing on the train today and it's a very sorry sight.

Can upload later if you wish.

Looking at them, the other 2 EGOs have also survived by being outside but 62211 is among the casualties.

Thanks Andrew. Could you email to us please?

Will do, Ben, after the weekend.

So after Jonathan’s comments and Andrew’s sightings at Aviemore / Boat of Garten it would appear the following are “safe”:

BP001,013 & 030

The Wickham 940099

EGO4s and trailers 011051, 909005, 909157, 909162, 909265

Platform lift 902019

The JCB and O&K RRVs


Crane 25280

Fire I think has claimed BP005 and the slewer 62211

On the “fate unknown” list:

Crane 2619 – but suspect this may have been missed in the yard?

EGO trailers 011244 & 011547

Lesmac trailer 013004

Lesmac trolleys 901003 & 901047

EGO4s 909153 & 909158 (possibly still surviving as Andrew's comment)

Almost certain the Ego5 901026 is not still present (no sightings since 2013)

I have now seen Andrew's interesting photos showing the burnt out shed and yard area (from passing train.) You can clearly see the shell of a packer and slewer inside. The other packers appear to be visible outside at the back.

A Lesmac is visible in one photo so at least one of those survive and also two Ego4s confirmed - presumably the two listed above (that weren't noted at Aviemore.)

I am told that all Ballast Packers were lost in the fire and Strathsprey keen on replacements, if anyone can help?

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