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Dean Forest Railway - Jack-a-packers and Pianos

Hi all

im member of the Dean forest railway p way department and at the railway we have a couple of Permaquip Ballast Packers machines "jack-a-packers " at the railway numbers BP039-74033 and BP040- 74034

also we have some "Piano" rail slewing machines numbers:- 60123, 60128 and 60132

we are looking to get these machine works so are looking for any info / manuals on them would be helpfully



Interesting - not heard these called pianos before....?!

hi ben

not sure if that what official called but it what we called them



Robert- can't help with your request, but I noticed your sighting of a Geismar EGO trolley. I don't suppose you have, or can acquire, any more details about this machine - numbers if possible please?

A visit today to Norchard found the EGO 4 under restoration in its own shed the other side of the track. The builders plate has been removed for safekeeping, but the identity of ST/04/10 is believed correct. The trailer 011208 is outside the shed under a tarpaulin, and is also under restoration, as are three other split trailers outside the shed. HGR 230 60128 was sold to a local scrapyard in 2012 as it was just a pile of bits.

hi Vince

no worries about my request I know it was a long shot . as roger have said we had a Geismar ego trolley which we are giving new coat of paint as well as a number of other p way trolley we have . will check on the number of it on sunday



fyi we've managed to obtain the paperwork for:

Permaquip Ballast Packer Mark IV

Plasser & Theurer HGR230


How is the restoration progressing with the Jacker Packers?


BP039 has been moved to the other side of the Severn where it it currently being stripped down,cleaned and will be rebuilt by volunteers from Vale of Berkeley Railway ( the other half of the line which was split when the Severn Rail bridge came down).

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