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Lesmac/Geismar Trolley moves

Several Network Rail trolleys have recently been noted at some preservation sites in the South East.

Lesmac Swift LMS007 and Geismar EGO4 ST/03/56 have turned up at the Lavender Line. LMS009 as turned up at the East Kent Railway.

We don't know if any more trolleys (or their associated trailers) have turned up anywhere else yet. It may be a good time to have a look around your local preserved railway... (here's a handy list of preserved railways)

A Geismar EGO & trailer have recently been noted at the Llangollen Railway. Details unknown.

  • Thumbnail llangollen-ego-trolley-1
  • Thumbnail llangollen-ego-trailer-1

LMS003/901020 has also been seen at the Lavender Line along with an unidentified Geismar EGO trolley.

LMS008 is now at the Northampton & Lamport Railway. Again, not sure if any small trailers went with it.

NwR have recently put EGO4s up for disposal

Geismar EGO4 ST/04/09 and an unidentified trailer have recently appeared at the Swanage Railway.

Again, can I take this opportunity to urge everyone to keep an eye on their local preserved railways looking out for these smaller machines (and their trailers). Thanks!

Vince the N&LR LMS008 did not come with any other vehicles/trailers etc.

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