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Midland Railway Centre un-identified plant

been to Swanwick junction today and there are three bits of plant that I am at a loss to identify

on is a 4 wheel green seated trolley that carries no numbers

the next is a weird 4 wheel trolley that looks like it was a Heath Robinson construction with a buffered frame above and outside the cover for the inside

the last is a yellow machine with jacks at one end and rail clamps at the other - I've not seen this on previous visits

There is also a wagon (?) with a HIAB lift on the back which is blue and of a bogie design which whilst it is Standard gauge the wheel set is more like the ones used on trollies

If anyone can help it would be nice I am about to load photo's to my Facebook album

Haven't seen the photos, but have you done a search for "midland railway" on this site? Are any of the results your mystery machines?

The wagon with HIAB sounds like it could be this:

  • Thumbnail rt1

The green one sounds like AD9118 Baguley Drewry Railcar

The weird 4 wheel is probably 1311-G Ex Wolverton Carriage works shunter of 1927 vintage built by Mercury Truck & Tractor Co

The only machines I can think of with jacks and rail clamps are the two ballast packers BP065 & BP066

I also have a Midland based query - i have a note from April 2009 of a Colmar / Geismar device, perhaps road/rail, number 68006. any clues appreciated!

Kev, I think this may be the machine you noted...

  • Thumbnail xrp2121

Thats the one Vince, thank you.

The number 68006 comes from part of the address for Geismar which is 5 Rue D Altkirch 68006 Colmar Cedex France as shown on the works plate. The build number for this machine is 84139 152 1984

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