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Unknown Geismar EGO trailer and trolley - Bo'ness

After opening a can of worms with an EGO trailer at the Avon Valley, I thought I'd open another one from Bo'ness! I've seen a trailer and trolley there that I don't think are listed on this site as being at Bo'ness. I saw, and easily identified 909305, 011699 and 909264, as these were being used by volunteers to move items around the site during my visit. I don't believe the EGO trolley is either 909131 or 909304, it doesn't match either.

The trailer has a red stripe around it, as seen here: http://www.47soton.co.uk/2018/04/b1-at-boness-20th-april-2018.html (bottom photo) - it matches a photo taken by Paul Moseley at the Ecclesbourne Valley (with 909304, also apparently now at Bo'ness) in December 2015, but Paul (who is seldom wrong) has this trailer listed as 011699. 011699 is all over yellow, with no red stripe, so would this have likely to have been removed (but having a UIC number added again, it does look like it has been in this condition a reasonable amount of time), or could Paul's photo be possibly mis-named? My apologies to Paul for potentially highlighting this. I did not however see 011198 (that I've come across thus far in my photos), but this trailer has a pair of vertical bars attached to the front, the mystery trailer does not.

It's also this photo that makes me believe the trolley I spotted at Bo'ness is not 909304. The trolley I saw has no red stripes anywhere, and has yellow bars at the back, and no lights fitted anywhere at the back end. For this reason, I also believe it is not 909131, as that has lights fitted on the wheel arches, and is considerably rustier. The trolley I saw also has a different style of headlight fitted (the plastic casing has grooves in it, rather than smooth), and has no vertical bars fitted at the front. The trolley I spotted also has an extra bit of metal inbetween the foot plates, 909131 does not.

As with the Avon Valley one, does anyone have any idea what these might be please - I regret I was unable to get close enough to the trolley or trailer to try and find numbers of builders' plates. Also with the Avon Valley one, I'll upload a photo for reference in due course.

Many thanks!

Can confirm definitely not 011198, I've found this hiding on top of a wagon!

011481 & 011700 possible candidates for trailer?

I read somewhere that TRAC had donated 2 sets of trolleys and trailers to The B&KR.

So possibly the other ex TRAC one!?

Whilst trying to search online for photos that might help me, I came across this one:


Could this be yet another EGO trailer upturned, and minus wheels in the foreground?! It was in the same position during my visit, but as can be seen, carries no form of visible identity. I wonder if both 011481 and 011700 are both at Bo'ness, and these trailers are both of these?

I know some chaps are going on a tour there in August... if nothing has surfaced by then I'll ask them to keep any eye out for any trollies and trailers, and to try and get photos of they can.

The mystery deepens..


That appears to be the trailer, but is also carrying 99709 011699-4, but is clearly not the same '011699' I have a photo of.

What have I started?!

Can confirm after checking my records, that 011699-4 & 909304-6 were indeed the two seen at the EVR on December 17th 2015. They had arrived at Wirksworth that day to undergo their EAC's after refurbishment.

Many thanks for the confirmation Paul, much appreciated. I've got a worrying feeling there's more than one '011699' present at Bo'ness...


Someone at Bo'ness was kind enough to take some photos of some of the trollies and trailers for me.

My UID trolley is confirmed as 909131, looking different from the photos on this site! It seems to have gained and lost some parts! No sign of 909304 though, not sure if this is even on site.

The trailer I thought was 011198 was actually 011197. He sent me photos of the plain yellow trailer carrying 011699 (which carries it both sides, so that's probably safe to say it's that one), and one other being used in conjunction with the repaint of 47643. This one is all over plain yellow, with no sign of an identity, however, it is of the same design as 011197, but no longer has the extra bars at the front, only the holes where they once were. From this, I can deduce it's almost certainly 011198, but it doesn't look like I saw it on my visit, but will have to double check.

This leaves the unknown one upside down without wheels, and the one with the red stripe. From what Vince has suggested, I'd guess these are probably 011481 and 011700, but I can't find any photos other than those on this site.

He also said he was told today there's two of these trollies at the Strathspey at Aviemore...

To revisit this topic, and to be able to close this, and the similar Avon Valley thread up for anyone who hasn't seen Roger's photos (like I just have today)

There are two trailers carrying 011699 at Bo'ness - the one with the red stripe is the genuine article, the other carrying this number is actually 011481. The one upside down and without wheels near the goods shed is 011700. Quite why there's two trailers with the same number is a mystery though!

The unknown from the Avon Valley is former Torrent 100526 - a photo is now on the website.

As an aside, a few of the queries and latest unknowns from the Strathspey have also been cleared up recently.

Always nice to be able to clear these kind of things with the help of other members.

Thanks Dan. We've now added an entry for 100526 so please add your sightings (and anyone else that has seen it!) Thanks

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