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Bristol Parkway Compound Request


I guess this is directed towards Paul & Gary, although if anyone else can help I'd appreciate it.

I was over at Parkway yesterday and had a reasonable wander round, but didn't see any of the four machines reported at "Bristol Parkway compound". I just wondered if you could pinpoint exactly where the compound was please?

I suspect that the machines probably turned up after I had visited, but there is also a possibility of them being in the field opposite the park and ride along the east end station approach road, or somewhere I don't know about.

I may well try to head over there now, as I suspect there will be more work going on overnight tonight. I believe the MOBC is due to put in an appearance, coming up from Eastleigh and then going to Fairwater in the early hours.


I saw a photo on flickr taken from the bridge at the london end of Parkway during the week and there was something yellow in the training school compound. Could it be that?

Hi Vince

Thanks for the reply. If you mean by the buffer stop, That's Keltbray trailer 1010 with a ballast box on top.

I'm on my way over there now, so hopefully all will become clear...



Mystery solved, thanks to Paul.

It is the place I was thinking.



So donít keep us all in suspence, spill the beans.

Hi Jarrod,

It's what I referred to as "the field" in my original message. This is in fact a fully fledged engineering base now with lots of cabins and materials etc...

It is opposite the park and ride, on the road out of the east end of Parkway station.

The site is operated by BAM and Balfour Beatty.

Hope that helps


Thanks Chris. I find myself down Bristol a few times a year with work. I always check out the NR depot ( been fruitless so far) but another location to check out is always good to while away long hours away from home.

Thanks for the info.


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