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Something I maybe should have started a year ago (!) and perhaps not great timing as we approach dark mornings and evenings... but I'll post notable sightings here from my regular commute. Large concentrations of plant or new stuff etc. May be of use to people planning trips.

Obviously I can't always ID everything at speed but do try to add sightings of what I do see.

However I don't add sightings of everything every day at places where it doesn't change much like Reading MDU.

Currently most plant is at Iver and Maidenhead with 8 Holyrail at the latter and 4 others at Coalmans Way.

Of course vehicles move around a LOT and often morning and evening are very different so I can't be held responsible for anything that has moved!

And a general update on the project - currently the wires are in situ and live between Reading and Didcot on all four lines. This is being used for tests of the new stock.

Between Reading and Hayes it varies between full masts and brackets to no masts at all!

I can't comment further west of Didcot but I don't see Van Elle machines much now so assume these are piling further west...

The Holyrails seem to amass in large numbers, concentrated in one or two places. If you are lucky enough, they could probably be fleeted!

A lot of plant currently at Pangbourne, Twyford, Maidenhead yard, Burnham Coalmans Way and Iver compounds.

A new temporary compound is also nearly finished at Waingels Copse between Twyford and Reading on south side near the old AP.

Quiet at a lot of the usual locations this week. Some vehicles at Iver Maidenhead Taplow and Slough but West Drayton completely empty.

Quite busy at the moment. Large collections of vehicles currently at the following locations:

Maidenhead yard

Iver Dog Kennel North

Slough Berwick Avenue

West Drayton

Still a lot at Maidenhead yard today and Iver north side - a lot of access platforms here including an SPL machine which is unusual. FR673 still lingering at Maidenhead station car park and TRS1028 at the Reading flyover compound.

Quite a few opposite Acton Mainline too.

The two new Unac machines at TXM Langley have moved from the place they have been for last couple of weeks.

The relatively new access point at Berwick Avenue, Slough is currently full of machines and trailers - so full it is overflowing into the nearby industrial estate! Mainly TRS and Pod Trak access platforms.

Three more at Iver and seven more at West Drayton.

Looks like the new sidings being laid adjacent to Plasser might be for stabling units which could obstruct mainline views, especially at weekends.

An access point that often isn't reported is behind Sainsbury's at Ladbroke Grove. Vehicles frequently seen here but I don't think it is visible from any public vantage points...

Very quiet this week although still about 7 vehicles - mainly Pod Trak - in Maidenhead station car park. One was on low loader so may have begun moving out although this is difficult to access with the weekday cars blocking them in. I've not had a chance to stop off there this week...

The newish compound at Ruscombe has become quite busy lately. Two Webb lorries and I think the Network Rail GWML Neotecs are here now too.

Couple of TRS machines in the new compound at Waingels Copse near Twyford.

Maidenhead yard has a few lorries and unimog. The station car park compound is quite full again with TRS access platforms.

A lot of the Holyrail fleet at East end of Slough station plus a new SRS Icon lorry.

A fair few access platforms in Iver south compound.

Nothing at Twyford, Coalmans Way, Stranraer Gardens, West Drayton (except one lightweight trailer which has been here a while - possibly PTL430.)

I guess plant may start arriving next week for the Christmas blockade between Ealing and Paddington but my last commute is on Wednesday. I will update if anything interesting pops up.

A lot of plant at Maidenhead yard, Slough Berwick Avenue and Slough west yard this morning.

I believe there may also be two new Holyrail machines at Iver north - rear is unbranded on both but one may have been HR15. Will try to confirm.

Also quite a lot of vehicles now at Hayes Dawley Road. A fair few (if not all) the Colas PEMs and LEMs at Hayes stone terminal.

One of the new Readypower Doosans at Southall.

All four Rail Op machines on track in the new sidings outside Plasser.

We had a look at Didcot - Slough today. It looks like little is now happening around Didcot as with the exception of Pangbourne, not a lot was around on this stretch.

However there was a long possession from Ruscombe Junction all the way to Slough West. Track replacement is underway through Maidenhead Station, and we have posted a complete list of equipment both on this possession and in Maidenhead Yard.

However there was a lot of other work also being undertaken at multiple worksites in the same possession. Most if not all of the equipment appeared to have been on tracked from Coalmans Way AP and in addition to the machines identified, a further 2-3 Holyrail MEWPs plus at least one trailer were in use, and a further TRS trailer was also being used with TRS1015. The two TRS Doosans and trailers were both being used on platform works at Burnham Station.

In addition to the machines logged, Berwick Avenue AP contained a further pair of TRS GOS trailers, and a further Holyrail trailer, which we could not identify. There was also a single MEWP, believed from SPL Powerlines at Slough East.

Still a lot of plant at Maidenhead yard and Coalmans Way this morning. Some Holyrail machines at Slough Berwick Avenue too.

A few machines left at Maidenhead yard and Coalmans Way this morning plus a few at Slough Berwick Avenue and about 6 Pod Trak machines at Iver north side. There are approx. 10 Holyrail machines at West Drayton including newly arrived HR16 which is the only one I've managed to see at speed - currently on its own at the country end of the row.

In terms of Holyrail fleet - currently 8 at Maidenhead yard, one at Slough Berwick Avenue and about 6 at West Drayton so there must be some new ones in there somewhere. HR13 & 14 not been noted yet but HR15 & 16 have.

Developments at Maidenhead yard - large earth moving vehicles have arrived and areas cleared - not sure if more EMU stabling sidings will be laid here but seems likely. It does mean that RRVs are now mostly in a tight compound further away from mainline and almost impossible to view now - even from park opposite I imagine. Still lots of Holyrail and Pod Trak MEWPs here.

Quite a few machines on North side at Iver and Slough Berwick Avenue again.

A few at West Drayton.

As per previous message - the latest Holyrail machines are tucked away in a compound that is difficult to view (but not impossible - as proved by Nick and Paul this week!) Nick was lucky in that he saw some of them later in the day as they were being on-tracked for the evening shift. Just in case anyone was planning a trip this weekend to see them. Of course they could be out working, which would make it easier!

Quite a few also at Iver on the north side - which would be more visible from train or access road.

Well I've not seen the GWML so quiet for plant in many months! I have barely seen a single item on north side of the line today. It may be that it has all shifted to fast lines on south side but I can't confirm...


The fog must have lifted this morning!

On Monday morning there were several RR vehicles in the usual place at Reading Upper Triangle but I couldn't identify any.


Twyford Waingels Copse new yard was quite busy today with a RRC present and 4 APWebb lorries. Adjacent AP had an EGO4 which I assume will be a TRS vehicle.

Approx 6 Pod Trak vehicles at Slough Stranraer Gardens AP.

A lot of MEWPs also at East end of Slough station on south side. Mainly TRS and Holyrail.

Still very quiet on north side access points.

Not sure if this is exactly the right topic to put this in, but here are some additional notes from yesterday sightings, which I have just added to the website. Can I extend my thanks to Ben for his continued updates, and others for sharing their sitings.

All left (l/h) / right (r/h) as per travelling to London.

Kingsland Rd

3 identified, 1 Colas machine UID

St Annes l/h

Ready power Accessrailer

Bath Refuse Transfer Station r/h

TXM Colmar

Thingley Jcn l/h

2 excavators and 2 trailers (TXM?)

Swindon Cocklebury l/h

2 lorries, think they are the MAN TGM with MEWP modules

Swindon HOOB r/h

19 vehicles visible, 9 identified, 1 assumed (76918)

Didcot West Car Park l/h

2 trailers

Pangbourne l/h

7 platforms, 1 colmar

Reading NR MDU l/h

One Iveco?

Just after, still l/h side

2 x 2w trailers

2 x 4w trailers

There was so much else UID line side I couldn't scribble it all down (I must have seen over 10 Holyrail platforms, but none identified), but a few other notes.

Plasser West Ealing l/h

The yellow shunter was next to the Southall - Greenford part of the triangle with at least a couple of impressively sized wagons.

Westbourne Park l/h

I saw a Webb lorry, probably RL008 where the rocket used to be.

There was a Readypower lift right next to Quattro 426 & 428, but couldn't get it.

A couple of other London bits to finish;

Waterloo International

A couple of Quattro machines seen, but not identified.


A readypower machine (FR6xx) and a colmar were working along with at least 1 trailer.

Prince Regent

I've assumed the MAN Flashbutt welder as it appears to be the only one of its type.


Was the shunter in the Plasser depot as they had a yellow shunter many years ago.


Hi Roger,

Yes, it was Plassers own shunter. Bg/Dc 2724 I believe. Certainly looked like the one I've seen previously with Plassers branding on it.


Yes the wagons at Plasser are two of the Alliance ones last seen near Stoke.

RL008 is correct - saw that this morning.

I've added what I noted at Pangbourne but not seen them all. There was four Readypower two Aspin and two Morgan ones plus a TRS Doosan. Some of the Readypower ones had gone by today.

The Iveco at Reading currently is the one ending HXN.

Believe Roger H has been down here today but would again be cautious of copying sightings as things move around a lot - within the same day sometimes.

Thanks Ben,

All my sightings were made on the way up yesterday morning, so plenty of scope for movements.

I shall add the two wagons, RL008 and the Iveco. I doubt I'll add anything else though, but will have a look through when I get chance.

Thanks again


Just to update the situation at West Ealing - new EMUs are currently being parked adjacent to Plasser making the view of works almost impossible now. As more come into service this may change...

The two Alliance wagons are still around the back and I'm making enquiries which two they are.

Probably about 8 MEWPs at Slough Berwick Avenue this morning including the two new Balfour ones. One looked like 912277 but not sure. Rest were Holyrail here I think.

Another 8 or so in the yard west of Slough - Holyrail and TRS MEWPs.

About 10 on the north side at Iver and 4 at West Drayton. Able to note more than usual at these two places today due to congestion on the line...

RL011 has been swapped in to Westbourne Park since yesterday.

Unimogs 1 2 and 3 all at Crossrail yard now.

The two Balfour Beatty Manitous were moved to the east end of Slough car park during the course of today (they were at Slough west when I passed this morning) and so I could finally identify them:

XOM7160 is 912276

XOM7161 is 912277

Still quite a lot of vehicles at Waingels Road near Charvil / Twyford this morning.

Taplow station car park - probably around 15 MEWPs here plus TRS Doosan on low loader arriving or departing. May try to look here tonight.

Quite a lot of the Holyrail fleet at Iver south side yard - perhaps 10. No large machines at north side AP.

Slough Berwick Avenue, West Drayton, Slough East, Slough West, Twyford station and Coalmans Way all notably empty.

Still quite a lot of vehicles at Waingels Road near Charvil / Twyford this morning.

Taplow station car park - probably around 15 MEWPs here plus TRS Doosan on low loader arriving or departing. May try to look here tonight.

Quite a lot of the Holyrail fleet at Iver south side yard - perhaps 10. No large machines at north side AP.

Slough Berwick Avenue, West Drayton, Slough East, Twyford station and Coalmans Way all notably empty.

Another new Balfour Manitou has appeared - 912278 is XOM7162.

All three were in Taplow station car park this evening so I was able to confirm a few more details. The works plate on XOM7160 is in a more accessible position than usual - at the front rather than under the body at the rear.

Coalmans Way was packed yesterday but empty this morning!


Some distance away from the bulk of these reports, but it looked quite empty today. Aside from the 2 TXM machines, there was very little. There has been some significant vegetation clearance along the fence so the lack of equipment etc

.. was very obvious.

Chris the baton is being passed to you and Vince now! Think there's more going on down that end than here...

Fairly quiet this morning although didn't get a great view of many places. The Balfour Manitous seem to have disappeared - not at Slough or Taplow.

In the last few days I have come across a couple of access points where machines have not yet been reported on the western stretch of GWML.

Firstly, a compound similar in size to that at Charvil has been built on farmland on the south side of the line visible from the westbound M4 as you approach Jct 16 (Swindon West). I believe the access will be from the B4005 in all likelihood. This compound contained a number of huts and vans on Thursday but no RRVs.

Also in central Cardiff there are compounds on both sides of the line east of Cardiff Central beneath Windsor Street bridge in Splott. Again no RRVs were present today but both contain various temporary buildings.

In addition to the usual locations along the Paddington - Southall section of line I had quick look at the "Crossrail" sight at Old Oak Common yesterday and in addition to Trackwork RR104 there there was also 2 SPL RM14's. Think one had "15" on the front and the other one looked like it had "14" on it - can anyone confirm this please before post on website. Many thanks

I think they will almost certainly be SPL014 and 015. I don't think anyone else has this type of machine now.

Many thanks for the gen Ben - much appreciated

As per my photo comment, a Shovlin EVO has appeared at Twyford. It's been a while since Shovlin have been seen on GWML.

Very busy at Taplow station car park this morning.

The new sidings at Maidenhead are pretty much complete and Volker tamper 51022 has arrived this week. The portacabins are being removed here too.

The compound at Ipswich Road in Slough is now full of new cars so is probably not in use as an access point currently.

A few MEWPs at Iver north side and West Drayton but elsewhere fairly quiet.

Last Monday there were a number of RRV's at Reading Upper Triangle on the hardstanding near to West Curve. Could see what types or identify any.


This morning I think I saw three Balfour Beatty Manitous at West Drayton and another two at Iver.

Majority of the Holyrail fleet appears to be parked up in Maidenhead yard but difficult to see any from train.

Thanks to Yorkshire Puddings who has confirmed the machines at each this morning. The next two XOM7163 and 7164 are at Iver.

Looking at the photos he uploaded, there also appears to be at least one new trailer with them at Iver. Will approve idc


passing very fast on GWML yesterday 14th March there were no fewer than 9 Holyrail platform lift r/r vehicles at Maidenhead and 4 on lineside at Iver. At Iver were nos 5/6/7 identified but at maidenhead only 9/11 were identified from edge of site afterwards. Can anybody help with further IDs? Also 2 Balfour Beatty Manitous at West drayton yard.

Thanks for such an informative website

Ted Knotwell

A visit to many sites from Didcot to West Drayton today found less plant than hoped, and the following sites were all plant free. Waingels Compound, Taplow Station, Coalmans Way, Slough Station Car Park, Tilehurst, Goring & Streetley, Cholsey, Hayes & Harlington Dawley Road, Iver Dog Kennel South, Southall, and other sites only one or two items. Holyrail 09 and 10 which were at Langley Yard this morning arrived at Iver Dog Kennel North AP in the afternoon along with a TRS R/R and two trailers, and two Pod Trak MEWPS.

Most of the Holyrail MEWPS at Maidenhead Yard were facing the wrong way which precluded identification.

Looks like you still did well Roger!

When I was at Moulsford last weekend it appeared the clear-out process had definitely begun. The compounds all still have temporary fencing but security huts and most equipment had gone.

I thought it might be useful to note here for reference the access points I visited between Didcot and Swindon last August.

The first is where the A417 crosses the line near Challow.

There is another compound off Station Road near Uffington – near the premises of “Oxford Exhibition Services” on Google maps.

Finally – Station Road south of Shrivenham.

There is also an area west of Swindon station on south side which I believe is used for plant but was empty when I passed a few weeks ago.

Over to someone else for Swindon – Bristol and beyond! :)

Main concentrations of plant this week are at Maidenhead yard compound, Slough east end and Iver south side.

The yard at West Drayton has been radically tidied and levelled out this week. Not sure if it is planned to lay more sidings here but at the moment it is completely empty.

In terms of infrastructure I think all wires are now finished between London and Didcot but I don't think all live yet - just Reading to Didcot.

...I've just noticed there's still no wires on the eastern approaches to Reading on fast lines so we're still a little way off...

Fairly quiet again this week although still activity around Maidenhead yard, Slough, Taplow and Waingels yard near Twyford.

The new fence at West Drayton yard is continuous parallel with the line - no gates have been installed - meaning it's now unlikely that we'll see any more plant stabled here as there's no vehicle access!

This morning's concentrations of plant:

A few at Tilehurst and Pangbourne

Twyford station car park

Ruscombe north side

A few in Maidenhead yard

Iver north side

Westbourne Park area

Well it's all changed since this morning! Iver is now empty on both sides... a few now at Slough west and Coalmans Way has filled up more since this morning - including unusual appearance from a Balfour - XED7032.

The people shifting this lot around daily must be rubbing their hands...

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