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Nuneaton Network Rail Depot

I think I have about 45 minutes at Nuneaton inbetween trains soon, and was wondering where the Network Rail depot (where all the 4-4s are?) is in relation to the station. Is it walkable from there in this timeframe, and is much visible from a public place?

Any guidance appreciated.

It is sort of visible from footbridge off Jodrell St but it's quite a walk from station... too much for 45 mins I think. Don't forget the ones stored in compound at end of Weddington Terrace too - that's nearer.

...well Google reckons 16 mins walk so guess just about doable but the 4-4s often not that IDable from there...

Many thanks Ben, didn't know about those at the end of Weddington Terrace. I assume they're located on what was wasteland on the Google map image?

Incidentally, something I've always wondered, are the M44 numbers displayed anywhere on these machines, or is it the UIC number only?

They are yes - visible from the last industrial unit.

Can't actually remember where the numbers are - rarely get a chance to get close enough. Must be a plate somewhere but forget where exactly...

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