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Road Railer/OTP depots in Kent and East Sussex?

Can anyone help me with the locations of any Road Railer and/or OTP depots or common stabling points in the Kent and East Sussex areas? I know about the Balfour depot in Ashford. There's also another company I've seen postings of in the Ashford area (Keltbray?), but don't know where this is in relation to the station.

Any pointers gratefully received.



Think you might find that's Keltbrays is in Ashford Middlesex not Ashford Kent they have offices in Ashford Kent

Balfour Beatty have Hither Green / Three Bridges

L&W have billingshurst and a satellite depot of sorts in borough green for when they have machines in kent

TXM have Sittingbourne

Quattro have one in Rochester

Not to sure of many more

the locations section has all the info you need, including maps, directions, tips etc...

Thanks RRV Cowboy, much appreciated.

Can't view that yet Vince, one for the future I think ;)

QTS has a place in Rochester but don't know if only an office or some plant moving through.

£10 donation, to OTP, gives access to all the extras on OTP.


Indeed, when I can budget for that (amongst everything else!) I will seriously consider it!

Haven't been for some years, but there were numerous aged bits and pieces on the KESR. Wittersham Road was the location, iirc.

Paddock Wood was always good for stabled up odds and ends too.

Yes Wittersham Road is right - need a car really (or bike as I did once!) unless passing by train.

Think Paddock Wood has become very much current again? Not been down that way in ages either though...

Avondale at Fort Horsted but you'd need to arrange to visit.

Capel at Five Oaks Green.

...and if you want a real challenge you could try to find the elusive Sussex Rail unimog!

I don't think Quattro at Rochester has been mentioned yet.

Yes, quite a bit of interest is now at Paddock Wood and easily viewable from trains or the station. Tonbridge West Yard has all the Snow Train stock usually present with MPV's at the other end of the station in the depot. Horsham Yard generally has 4-6 MPV's present plus the odd Stone Blower/Grinder when they are working locally.

Also worth mentioning that each weekend there is usually quite a bit of work on around this area, although it tends to quieten down from mid June until early September when a lot of work is overnights only. Both Southern and South Eastern's websites have details of amendments. Currently, Amberley is a good bet as their is a compound in the museum over flow car park to support the HOBC which is part way through 16 weeks of work on the Arun Valley, which generally has three Cwmbran based Quattro machines, plus 2-3 trailers and brushes present.

Thanks everyone. Seems there was much more than I originally thought. Hopefully plenty of things to try and have a look at.

Last I heard was that some of the operational KESR Plant is now stored in the new shed at Rolvenden.

Wittersham Rd had the older non working plant

I may have spoken too soon about the Sussex Rail unimog...

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