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TRAC Eurocentral now Vacated

TRAC Eurocental is now vacated

The Estate Management have imposed an on street parking restitution. So you could incur a parking fine for nothing.

Main Depot is obviously now Chesterfield.

Abdington will be an office but as

far as a depot only as a drop of area for units for jobs in Scotland

Was driving in between SES (Coatbridge) & TXM Newhouse today and it passes the NOW CLOSED TRAC DEPOT

So Popped in to see if anything still about

Surprisingly there was in the form of SV356

TRAC own a piece of land adjacent to the Vacated Depot

A short piece of Rail Trac was being laid in SV356 was being used in its preparation.

Word is that this will be used for Training so there maybe an occasional unit there on a Random Basis

The Main Office Block & Yard Have been vacated with just a residue of Racking to be removed

Sad Day

Many Happy days of recording machines & particularly when they brought in a new machine, especially from abroad, for conversion to their specific requirements.

Happy Hunting to anyone who drops by.

As said before just don't park on the road or don't be surprised to get a Parking Fine


Will now refer to this as TRAC @ Eurocentral to differentiate between the old Depot

No, please don't. Using "@" in location names is just ugly; and put the town name first like the format used throughout the website.

ie something like

Eurocentral - new TRAC yard

will suffice

Like most of these estates they are just ugly But Necessary

What about

TRAC Eurocentral Training?

...and put the town name* first like the format used throughout the website.

ie something like

Eurocentral - TRAC Training yard

will suffice

* I know "Eurocentral" isn't a town name per sé, but it has been used this way on the website for years.

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