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6J.. 10:10 Cardiff Canton - Cardiff Canton - 12 Nov

Sorry all, but could anyone supply me with details of this move (Headcode & Stoneblower Number) as the glare from the sun made the number impossible to read

(Though im pretty sure its DR80211)

pic here


many thanks!!

I've seen indications that 80211 usually moves as 6U31.

6J codes are harder to pin down as they apply to a much wider range of machines.

Many thanks for that Peter... I must admit the 6J.. I was a guess so It was more than likely 6U31 as you said

Now all I need to do is find out whether 80211 is still in the area.......

80211 was at West Ealing on 12th

If '211 was seen at West Ealing, then I think the one in question may be the other Western one - 80206 ("6U26")?...

I have had it confirmed today it was....many thanks

(ill add it to the sighting list)

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