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6U07 Romford CE - Chaddesden 30th May 2014

Hi, a slightly delayed request but if anyone can assist

i'm after the rail grinder on the above move it was a 2

car one DR 792xx + DR 792xx

it was seen passing Loughborough at 1353 NB

Thanks in advance


DR79267 + DR79277 - fortunately these grinders can easily be identified by the headcode - they correspond to the set directly.

Ahhhhhhhh, thats a good bit of advice and greatly appreciated Dan,

it was one of those moments where through here a 6U is typically a

Stoneblower move so i was just going onto the platform as it shot through

my eyes dropped to bottom left corner and by the time id realised

what it was it was a pair of tail lights going into the sunset!

Thanks again


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