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6U35, 6J55, 6J35 6th June 2014

Hi, The 6th June was a bit of a disaster for me, I was working and each time an OTP move was passing through I was having to deal with trains and passengers....

If anyone can fill in the blanks on any of these I would greatly appreciate it, I'm starting to think I'm getting too old :-)

All timings are passing Loughborough station

1013 SB 6J55 Trent Sidings - Bedford ES ________________________________

1022 NB 6J71 Bedford ES - Bedford ES DR75405 (One I did get! Provided to help eliminate from possibles)

1154 NB 6U35 Nuneaton A Siding - Trent Sidings ______________________________

1218 SB 6J71 Bedford ES - Bedford ES DR75405 (return working)

1305 SB 6J35 Scunthorpe FROD - Bedford ES DR75404 + ___________ (Viewed front machine but by the time I realised there were 2 they had gone)

Thanks in advance to anyone that can assist (I'm off to take my medication now!)

DR73940, DR80215, can't work out the last, unusual for a B41UE to be hauling anything, any more details, colour, type etc?

http://www.wwwagons.com/viewtopic.php?forum_uri=track-machine-s-headcodes&t=60995&start=&sid=4abddc5d61981a78d939bba2fb769c1e suggests the last may be 77802. Tamper and regulator running coupled certainly plausible.

Indeed, I didn't want to suggest it until I found out more details.

Hi, both were in matching livery, the thing that didn't help was that the number on the front machine was rear cab side however the rear machine from what I remember had it at the front can side only

Hope this helps

(If it wasn't for passenger trains and customers this interest would be so much easier!!!)

Thanks for the great help so far

Last night they were doing a track replacement job at LBO with all sorts of weird and wonderful kit in use but as it was on the track couldn't get any numerics - I asked their PICOP if they had a list to hand and he said he'd leave it for me - however I've CE in today to no joy - they're alledgedly back tonight so if I get the chance I'll have some rarer sighting gen hopefully

Regards to one and all


P.s. Does anyone know the reason why OTP (particularly tampers and the like) doesn't get uploaded into TOPS and show in a consist enquiry? There only seems to be one or two machines that regularly appear DR73908 being one - I mean is it just laziness or is there actually an operational reason why they don't appear?

Cab not can obviously (thanks to iPhones autocorrect)

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