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769xx MPVs heading north

I saw a long consist of the GWML electrification train 769xx MPVs heading north through Ashchurch for Tewkesbury this morning about 7am. It was too dark to see any numbers so I was hoping that someone might know the consist. Thanks

It worked 6X12 Swindon Transfer to Thoresby Colliery Junction. Travelling up the A1 tonight I could see it parked up at Tuxford RIDC. I will endeavour to get the numbers tomorrow.

Thanks. From the looks of the length, it must have been most of the 769xx!

Perhaps going for storage now GWML works predominantly finished?

Seen that there was another movement today. 76922 and 76923 on today’s consist not sure if anything else with them. I will update later with yesterday consist. I called in to Tuxford first thing and got them.

76911 76912 76913 76914 76915 76916 76918 76919 76920 76921 numerical order not in consist order.

Thanks very much

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