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I've received a report from a friend of a Road/Rail Geismar carrying r/n 99709 917048-9 and reg. GN14 ZBW - I can't find this on the site - any ideas what it is?


Should be one identical to that.

On a related note. Originally all of these were supposed to be tested at the NLR (one every two weeks), but now seem to be appearing far and wide already, which is annoying as I was really hoping to be able to go and see them locally. Does anyone know where the testing and acceptance is undertaken? I know the first one spent a lot of time at Walsall around Christmas, was this undertaking acceptance for the fleet?

It's one of 58(?) Geismar vehicles due in the country over the next few years.

I saw 917035-6 / GJ63ZCN (#6) at Swindon Cocklebury training centre a few weeks ago. 917048 would make it #19 - didn't realise that many were in the country yet, unless some have been skipped! Where was it reported?

Dan, I think they've been testing some at Wirksworth. I imagine some would surely be visible around Geismar's factory in Northampton though?

You would like to think so wouldn't you, never when I've been up there though! I wouldn't have thought there would be much room to store several lorries inside either, which begs the question whether they even reach Northampton or not?

917048 was reported at Doncaster Ten Pound Walk - I meant to put it in the post but forgot!

This machine is currently parked in Marshgate Doncaster has been for a couple of weeks

Did see one of these in Northampton's Geismar factory the other day, looked to be undergoing final testing. No way I could get an ID on it though.

Now may be a good time to remind people to look out for these. We've had a few reports of just RIV numbers or plates, but nothing linking them up. And as always, if anyone can get any photos of the new ones, please send them in!


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