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What has happened to this maintenance train due for delivery to Plasser West Ealing in early january?

Ted Knotwell

Due this week apparently - don't worry Ted I'll let you know if I see it!


Realtime trains has path for 04.11 Dollands Moor to Plasser West Ealing arr 10.14 Friday 29th january.

Ted Knotwell

This doesn't appear to have been activated in the system so expect not running today?


Well whatever Realtime trains indicated, 97504/97604/97804 consist was lined up outside Plasser West Ealing at lunchtime today Friday 29/01/2016!

Ted Knotwell

Still parked outside Plasser's @ West Ealing at approx. 0930 this morning


Still parked outside Plasser's @West Ealing at 1400 on Friday 5/2/16 Dave.

Certain it was there last week. Been same location for a while.

Still there this morning...

97505 / 97605 / 97805 outside Plasser this morning - think it arrived yesterday. 97504 etc still here too.

Hello Ben

I viewed the Plasser site at lunchtime today and there were 2 Robel 3-car Maintenance trains visible from the footbridge over the main line. Which was set 5, was it the set at the western end close to the derelict ballast cleaners or was it the one beside the main line alongside the works building?


Ted Knotwell

Hi Ted - the one alongside shed nearest to you from footbridge is the newest one.

Thanks for your help Ben


97504 etc not visible outside Plasser this morning so may have now left on Friday or over weekend. Not sure where this one was due to go (Woking?) but one was seen in Basingstoke area on Friday. 97505 etc still there today.

Set 4 left as 6X24 to Basingstoke on Friday.

Set 4 supposed to be based at Woking and Set 5 Retford. 6/7/8, Romford, Peterborough and Horsham.

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