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Bance at Hardingham

Whilst travelling past the Great Eastern Traction Yd at Hardingham yesterday on the Mid Norfolk Rly Diesel Gala I noticed a Bance Alumi Cart partially covered by a tarp (sandwiched between Permaclipper PC023 and Permaquip trailer 011390) You could see the number panel but I wasn't able to fully read the number so does anyone know its I/d please?? Also there was a Lesmac trailer at the back but this seemed to have been moved during the day (assuming the Swifts were hidden under the tarp by the yellow seats??)


Hi there I have looked on great eastern traction website in sales section and it has a photo of said Bance trolley and can clearly see also has for sale two ex mod target trolleys if anyone could possibly help on the identification of these would be greatly appreciated cheers Michael barker.

Cheers Michael for the gen - much appreciated


As far as I know Target trolley RTT/767178 (Wickham 3170) is at Hardingham, along with three Lesmac trollies (14, 19 and 20)

cheers alex

Bance is confirmed. As per other comment, LMS020 has departed. Saw the target trolley and took a photo but for some reason didn't examine it in detail - sorry!

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