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BB Kirow crane on Hither Green OTPD today 2/8/17

Can anyone confirm which one of the two this should be? I have a feeling it could be 81602 with regards to recent sightings on the southern etc...



Case closed on this, I've been informed it is 81611 and is currently working in the Dartford area at weekends.

The crane on Hither Green on 2/8 was probably 81602 as it was on HG when I went round yesterday (3/8).

Hi Roger, is this absolute confirmation, because I've had word from a bloke who's been working on 81611 the past two weekends at Dartford that it that, and he said 81602 is at Eastleigh ready to work to Waterloo for the forthcoming blockade??

Unless he's got the two mixed up there...

Ahh...just checked the sightings for them both and yes it would seem you are correct, as Paul Moseley saw 81611 at Eastleigh Yard yesterday, so the one at HG should be 81602..

Thankyou Roger!

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