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Bristol Strangers

Dr days jcn

Bradshaw r/r and 2 trailers

Kingsland Road

Amey lorry and nr lorry assumed as per my previous reports.

Just after Stapleton road on right hand side was Trackwork tamper T204 and road railer rr159.

In amongst about 6-7 Quattro machines were a good few pem/lem types. I noted 63 67 and 112. These are on the left side of the line heading towards Parkway/ Patchway.

Just to add from my message yesterday, I managed to identify 16 of 24 Geismars at Filton.

I also noted a large TXM machine some distance away from the rails, near Stapleton Road (The actual road, not the station). This could potentially have been the Unac reported earlier in the week.

There was nothing at Pilning Station or Redwick A.P.


I had an attempt at getting the Bradshaw at Dr Days Jcn on Tuesday evening, but was thwarted by the jib of a Quattro machine blocking one angle, and a portaloo obscured the other.

I noticed a machine working on one of the new lines at Lawrence Hill last night (Weds), so decided to try Dr Days Jcn again tonight (Thurs). The Bradshaw was not visible, presumed gone. There were some interesting Quattro machines though.

I got Euro number 910138-5 which I cant find on the site. I couldn't see a fleet number, but it has a G.O.S. sticker and a certified to date of 18/10/25.

There was another QPL11 machine, which I think was 09.


I've now added 910138.

(Your post to OTPgen helped me put your forum post up and identify the random "blank" issue on some forum posts. Will look into fixing it at some point today)

Thanks Vince

Top work :)

Am aiming to have another go at Days Rd, but daylight is against me by the time i finish work etc...

A bit of a local update.

Bristol Parkway compound has been emptied of portacabins etc as well as rrvs.

Nothing in Stoke Gifford yard.

The Readypower machines and trailers were working within the confines of the platforms at Filton Abbey Wood. The lone Quattro trailer was between the lines near the Car park.

I walked some distance away from the station, and whilst plenty of orange wearers were seen, no more machines were.


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