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Cheriton Grinder ID


A view of Cheriton Depot yesterday found a Speno vehicle. I'm hoping someone may be able to assist in identifying it please?

It had a number on - I could see the following. 33 xx x995 006-8. I think the number before 995 was a 5, so if correct, using the RIV calculator probably means the number is 33 71 5995 006-8.

It had some lettering. All I could read was SPL-M

It did get moved by one of the Eurotunnel owned shunters, so I'm unsure if it is self propelled, but think it is.

Any help appreciated


p.s. Many wagons from the wiring train were there also, but only 93338 was identified.

It sounds like you saw the yellow Slovenian ballast hopper - 33 79 6995 006-8. Let me know if you want to see the pics I have of it - you're on several groups and forums I am so should be able to find your email address.

Hi Dan

Thanks for the suggestion. I did a quick search and found it on your Flickr photos. A very useful collection you have there.

The number seems to fit.

The hopper seems too small on it's own, but perhaps it was there as well? I'll try to send you a copy tomorrow of what I saw behind the fence, in case that's of any help.



An update;

Thanks to Dan's help, it appears that in addition to the ballast hopper, there was a Speno RR16 MS Grinder present. 99 xx 9127 xxx-x

I suspect its identity will remain a mystery, but nice to have some more detail on what I saw.


The grinder was discussed a week or so ago :)

Listed here: RR48 M2 (99 87 9127510-5)

Hi Vince,

After looking at Chris's pic, I'm fairly certain it's not the RR48 seen at Singlewell. The light arrangements are different for a start, as is the positioning of the markings and branding. I'm fairly certain it's a RR16 MS type, but these appear on both 84 and 85 country codes. The one in Chris's pic looks more like 85 rather than 84, but I couldn't be sure.

Thanks for the replies. I think Dan is on the right lines, and the one at Singlewell is a different one.

Hopefully I'll get a good look at one somewhere else one day.


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