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Colas track machine at Plasser UK

On Sat whilst looking at what was on Plasser's there was what looked like a large 2-part Colas track machine that either had just been delivered or was in the process of leaving on lowloaders?. It looked like half of it was outside (had DR7xxxx plus EVN / RIV Number on cabside) whilst the other half was just inside the shed - just couldn't I/d with my binoculars from the footbridge

Any ideas??


Sounds like the first of four new machines for Colas - DR75008

Thanks Vince for the gen - funny enough I did think the number on the side was DR75008 but wasn't really 100% sure


I can undertstand why you weren't 100% - it's a bit of a weird number!

DR75008 & DR75009 worked in tandem into Basingstoke Station on 09/11/2019.

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