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Coles cranes at Meadowhall


I visited the SYRPS siding at meadowhall on 30/09/1999.

In the yard were 3 of the 4 wheeled Coles diesel cranes works nos 14101 and 15403 and one unidentified.

Also here was 63022 Bo-Bo diesel Coles crane works no 15514.

Ted Knotwell

On 27th April 1996, 18724 (8w), 15403 (4w) and 15514 (63022, 8w) were noted. I saw 2 others which I took to be 14101 (4w) and 15410 (4w) as per IRS Bulletin 626 (Industrial Rail Cranes of the British Isles, January 1997). What happened to these? As I can't find them here nor on the Preserved Railway stocklist, I presume all were scrapped?


My recollection is that when Meadowhall was cleared, I believe around 2003/04 a number of these cranes were some of the last items present having failed to find buyers. Some, if not all, I believe ended up being sent to Booths at Rotherham for scrap.

18724 was moved to Long Marston and survived a few more years before being scrapped, sadly the remainder in latter years had their jibs cut off whilst at Meadowhall and were sent to Booths at Rotherham for scrap.

Thanks for the information Nick and Alex.

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