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Crewe 8/6


Firstly I managed to identify the Shovlin trailer and have belatedly added this to my sighting on 940511.

I viewed Crewe Electric Depot. There was quite a line up of RRV lorries but I was only able to identify 2. 917133 was closest to the fence, with about 4 others in a line. I was staring at DX51BXD face on, and there was another RRV to the left of it I could see the back of.

I was hoping Roger or anyone else may be able to tell me which ones I saw please?

Have read Vince's comments about 30001. I can only say well noticed, as I didn't see it at all!



I viewed the ETD from the Ind. Est. as well. There were seven of the new lorries in a line on the right, and one on the left by DX51 BXD. None had the registration plates on. With binos. I got 917133, 134 and 138. As there are eight of the new lorries (917141 still being at Elmec), all were in view. Presumably, the new trailers are inside the building out of sight, and there was no-one around to ask. I saw the Shovlin trailer but couldn't get it from where I got 940511, as it was too low down, so congrats for getting that. I also missed 30001 at the depot. I saw the skips, but did not notice the bulk under the tarpaulin. I thought it would be in view somewhere on site. All in all, a brilliant open day despite the lousy weather.


Thanks very much for clarifying the Crewe Electric Depot sightings. My binos aren't particularly powerful, my camera outperforms them usually, but with rain and trees swaying I came unstuck here.

It was a very good open day, and nice to see new life at the diesel depot after it's recent decline.

Best wishes


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