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Crewe PAD

Today's Branch Line Society "Nosey Peaker" entered Crewe PAD (opposite the DRS depot on Gresty Lane), siding 2. At the end of the line off-tracked and near the few 'buildings' there were 3 items of small equipment: a Geismar Mini 4-4 (or similar, rather irritatingly I hadn't taken my binoculars with me when I walked down the train; it did have an RIV number which could have been read), what I think was a lifter and slewer and finally a machine of a type I didn't recognise marked 'SB Rail'. Neither of the latter 2 had any visible identification. Any ideas anyone on any of these? With thanks....

Geismar Mini 4-4 M44/103 901153-5, Babcock Geismar Plum 18 type H48495 No 494 built 1997.

Thanks, Brian

You're welcome, i'm sure i have details of the third item somewhere just can't find them at the moment.

Guess this needs adding to website... any photo Brian please?

Just connecting some dots - the PLUM18 has been listed on the site since 2013, so feel free to add sightings & photos...

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