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Crossrail unimog

Interestingly I think there was a Crossrail branded RR unimog at Westbourne Park this morning. It does have a road reg plate but it was so gloomy this morning I couldn't see it! Anyone got any details on this one? It was a new type U400 or similar.


Don't have the number to hand, but its normally based at Plumstead, its been temporarily moved to WBP to facilitate a plant movement. You might have noticed a wagon with it as well with a white stand on, this is for the MPG. The stickers were added for some Crossrail filming.

Another unimog has also been delivered to Plumstead.


The first one I saw at Plumstead was a Unimog/Zagro "King" road railer. It did not appear to have a road reg visible at the time. I saw it there on 4 dates in November.

Ted Knotwell

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