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Didcot to Acton Main Line AP's

Hi could anyone help me please, as I went down on the train on the 1st of September and returned on the 2nd I saw quite a lot of OTP between the above locations on both sides. Can anyone help with names or places of the AP's I would of passed please so I can log my sightings and help others

Many thanks


Hi Wayne - I did similar route on 2nd, but didn't identify much. If you type everything up in a reply, I'll try and notate with location names based on my notes. Alternatively the recent sightings or locations section/map could help.

I may be able to help as I do this stretch every day! ;) But not last week as I was in deepest Wales...

I'm certainly willing to try and help, although I didn't pick up much when doing Bristol to Paddington on the 2nd. Indeed I'm indebted to other posters for clarifying some of my own sightings. Vince in particular :-)


In response to my earlier request here goes with my sighting Between Didcot and Acton Main Line and return on 1/9/17 - 2/9/17.

if anyone can confirm these It would be very much appreciated. I will log all sightings once I have confirmation

3 X Readypower Genie L/h side just south of Reading

a few things noted Near Twyford

RAIL02/03/04 I believe these were just of of Maidenhead station

Taplow station = FR617 , photo is blurry need conformation please

Liebherg crane just south of slough

2 X Readypower just north of Langley station

911344 between West Drayton and Hayes + Harlington there was 2 trailers noted with this

940211,912118 = East Ealing

TXM7014 at West Ealing

Plasseur West Ealing = 77901,77904, also here was 2 wagons, all I got was UMH-3 and MFS-1

Reading all areas this is a big ask


TXM =7131,7089,7090,

Readypower = FR1369,1383,956,

Aspin = SR01,

TRS = 918,919,

Crana Rail = CRL01,02

Elmec Solutions = 942150

SPL = T10,

Many thanks


FR617 has been at Taplow for a while.

The wagons at Plasser are nearly right but the second one is MFS1+ aka 99 85 9552 055-7

The rest I can't be sure as everything changes daily.

I thought I'd be able to help more, but I missed a lot of what you noted. Sorry. Here are some bits I can add to your notes. Feel free to add all of your sightings with just vague locations like "near Maidenhead".


Taplow station = FR617 , photo is blurry need conformation please - yes

940211,912118 = East Ealing - Ealing - Longfield Avenue AP

TXM7014 at West Ealing - West Ealing - Waitrose

73120,73121,73122,77010,77909 - Reading Triangle Sidings

Reading has two other main locations - "Reading Flyover Compound" (sort of in the area of the new flyover) and "Reading Napier Road AP" (at the London end, on the north side, near Tesco, down a ramp) - a lot of what you reported was at Napier Road a few weeks ago. Annoyingly I missed everything in the Reading area on Saturday

Many Thanks for all replies so far I will add my sightings tonight at some point



Just to say I have looked through and I can't really add anything.

I saw quite a bit at Reading, but there was too much to note and too far away to identify any of it from the train going over the flyover. I'm fairly certain 77010 was visible however, based on its 3 part design.



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