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Dore & Totley trailer

Thought I'd may as well enquire about this one too! Never noticed it on the way to Manchester or returning, but heading back to Derby from Sheffield I saw it, it's just adjacent to the station inbetween the two routes...



Could be Quattro 622 - 99709 010267-1

Saw this here on 3/5/18.

We'll go for that cheers!

....or we could accept that we didn't get the number and not make up sightings based on what someone saw nearly a month previously?

If anyone is in that area and fancies getting confirmation that it's still the same trailer that would be great thankyou.For now, I've deleted the sighting Vince.


Now confirmed as 010274 via Quattro depot, Carcroft.Apologies for assuming the identity previously Vince..

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