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'ice breaker' 99 70 9594 014-1

I saw this bit of kit in Slateford OTPD yesterday in passing and there was a NR liveried MK2 with it, does anyone have the identity of the coach please.

Also and I realise I may have to post seperately but along the trackside at the bottom of Edinburgh castle there were two pieces of p/way kit branded as (something)trac or trac(something) I only had the briefest of glimpses so sadly have no more details they were quite tall machines / equipment but hard to work out what they were, they were actually over the wall, not trackside as such,any help on these is gratefully received

hi ritch. coach is dept 977869. hope this helps. mick winter. stevenage.

Nice one Mick very much appreciated

Happy hunting!


(From Loughborough but currently enroute Glasgow central to London euston)

the kit in Edinburgh probably belongs to Trac - see their fleet list.

Cheers Ben, it was one of those cases where by the time I had clocked the kit sat there I'd already passed it, looking at their list I can't see anything that resembles what I saw but it looked interesting stuff

Thanks anyway

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