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I visited Plasser works West Ealing on 23rd April 1999 to see the 2 road rail wickhams 11619 and 11620.

Also on site for maintenance was IR 750 5ft 3 gauge tamper from ireland works no 506/1976.

should this be ob OTP as foreign visitor?

Ted Knotwell

It's in the Ireland list.

Thanks Vince, I should have checked Irish section.


Ted, Interested to read your comments about Wickhams 11619 & 20 being at Plassers. I understood that 11620 had been scrapped. In the past there has been confusion regarding these ex MOD Wickham Matisas i.e.A241 UVV, which is a Ford 1313 Matisa B.RR2T2 Switch & Crossing Tamper and not to be confused with the Wickham Trio. See page 242 of OTP 2009. Are you able to provide anymore details e.g. where they are destined for?



They were at Plassers in 1999 and up for sale at the time. One of them may well have been scrapped since.

All best wishes


Panic over. Thanks, Ted.

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