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Large road/rail lowloader at Crossrail Westbourne Park

Hello again!

I passed this site twice today 04/12/2015 on the Greenford Flyer and there was a very long white -liveried road/rail lowloader parked off track alonside a long item of plant that clearly fits on the road/rail vehicle. The lowloader had 4 sets of rail wheels. Clearly this contraption is for use in the Crossrail tunnel system. Does anybody have any info on this??


Ted Knotwell 04/12/2015

Looked like it had a single seat driving cab (open sided) at each end - also had 8 road wheels I think? The other piece of equipment parked next to it looked like it had road wheels only and was some sort of gantry/crane (used for loading/unloading lowloader r/r??) Got feeling both pieces had a "name" in red on the side

They are Met Alliance vehicles but I'm almost certain the large white one I've seen there for a few weeks doesn't operate on track but I may be wrong. Some info on their website although doesn't seem to show this vehicle.

I'll try to get a better look tomorrow.

Yes I think it is one of these gantries that run on road wheels either side of new track. Scroll down here

There are currently 2 large white Metalliance machines at WBP, one is the Multi Purpose Gantry which can be seen in the "Meet the Fleet" link above. This is used for laying sleepers, pulling rail and other general activities. It has rubber wheels and runs on the bored tunnel walkways. A second one of these machines should be arriving tonight.

The other machine is the MPV, there are 2 of these machines owned by ATC which have been based at Connaught Tunnel for the last 10 months. Now work is finishing there this has made the jump to WBP. Originally this machine had a concrete re-mixer on, though this has been removed for its next role at Fisher St Shaft track works.

David Harvey has a few photos of them when they were at Connaught:

Thanks Ben,

It is clear that the lowloader that transports this thing is road/rail and therefore qualifies as on track plant???


As Graham said, there are now two of the non-rail gantry machines here but no sign of the other MPV thing.

I guess the rail machine could be added if anyone has more details?

I have details, though how do I make a page for this machine?

Just pop them in an email to or add them to this forum post and I'll add a record for them. Thanks!

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