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Limited information request !!

Hello all,

On Saturday 22nd June I saw two items of plant ,whilst passing on a train, which I would appreciate identification please...

Chadwell Heath CE Yard :


Stafford CE Yard :

Vehicle registration GN14ZCV

Not a lot to go on I'm afraid ..



The vehicles you saw can easily be found by typing the information you have in the search box at the top right corner of this page.

LRB17 is a vehicle type, however looking down the list, an LRB17 was seen at Chadwell Heath the following day so could be :

At Stafford you vehicle is :

Hope that helps

Thank you Alex,

After a search, must use the 'enter' button on my keyboard in future !!

Hi Frank,

Your issues with the search facility have prompted me to improve the system which should hopefully make it easier to use.

If you type in a number a list of search results will appear as you type. This is useful for your GN14ZCV example, and any other number-specific searches; but not so good for the LRB17 example (as Alex mentions, it's a vehicle type) - so you'll still have to press enter to get better results.

Hope this is of use to you (and anyone else reading!).

Thanks Vince...that’s a definite improvement! :)

That's ideal....thanks for your assistance



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