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McCulloch Rail New TRT's

Visited Ballantrae Thursday 21st May

TRT 28 & 29 Were on View

Informed that certainly up to 31 had been made. There was a question if it had been up to 33.

A couple of units over in USA at an exhibition with a view to getting the TRT's introduced there and also into Canada

The highest we have listed/sightings of is 42..

Have just checked listings and only goes up to TRT 24

Will send in Photo's of 28 & 29

Information was from McCulloch employee


Indeed, I've seen TRT42 myself.

Sorry my big mistake there!!.

I had typed TRT into the Search Box at the top and a listing came up to TRT 24.

After Vince's reply I typed in TRT 42, making sure to leave a space between the letters and the number.

This produced the correct result with sightings already recorded for 42 and various others in-between 24 & 42

Apologies again


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