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Mini 4x4's at Tavistock Yard

Hi there, I'm sure I counted 3 of these over by the road alongside the yard on Wednesday...can anyone help please? Thankyou



Understand there may now be four in the area somewhere so that won't help!




plus 901157 also apparently moved here from the Basingstoke area. Of course this may all have changed as they are swapping around quite a lot at the moment...

Ahh nice one Ben! I'm not gonna add any as I'm unsure which ones. I mean, I flashed past I May have seen 4 tbh, defo saw some Mini 4x4's though that's for sure...shame as many of those haven't been seen in a long while!

Yes we could do with an update if there's anyone out there?!

...sightings just posted may help.

901187 still missing...

Looking likely I saw 57, 86 & 92 then....which you did report at the time could be the identities, along with 87 which (still) doesn't seem to be present..

Over a month ago now though, I think if I'm to record the vehicles in question as being sighted at that time they would go down as assumed...

Hi Greg,

When I visited Tavistock today I asked the question about how long the said 4x4 and trolleys have been parked here and was told they have been parked here for many months and not sure if or when they are to be used again.

So these machines are a positive siteing for your self and any other enthusiasts what passes by on the train as easily viewable from the train going into Plymouth.

Brilliant stuff thanks Yorkshire! I only noticed the 4x4's when I passed there, so I shall only add them.Many thanks..

Yes thanks YP this is a very useful update. Are the trailers with the trolleys or elsewhere?

Just to update yes the trailers are all together with the 4x4,just the grass has grown around them a little bit .


Thanks. I see you have also found the Truro 4x4 and trailer. Guess 901187 may be at Liskeard but can't confirm.

Just to update asked if any more 4x4 in the area ,was told not aware of any more in the area.


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