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Mini4-4 at Norwich Trowse

Does anyone know the i/d of the Mini4-4 parked behind the Trowse Swing Bridge box please. Its easily visible from passing trains - didnt see it when passed about 6wks ago (but could have missed it) Any pointers would be appreciated as always


I was going to suggest one of the Lowestoft pair most likely but I'm told they're not in a good way!

Hi Ben

Cheers for that - did wonder if it might be one of those from Lowestoft


This Mini 4x4 has been in the same place for over a year now....I last saw it on 2nd January but like you was unable to ID I'm afraid!

After today's sightings I was going to suggest that this one at Trowse might be 901163 but if Paul M thinks it has been there a long time then the May 2017 sighting at Colchester messes up that theory!

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