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NEXUS Tyne and Wear

Having trip next week up to Newcastle next week and was wondering apart from the depot at South Gosforth are there any other locations worth looking for???

Any pointers would be appreciated - many thanks


Try Benton (plant yard West of Station), Palmersville TXM depot, Hylton Street PW Yard, North Shields and Stoddart Street CS. near Manors

Alex Betteney

Cheers Alex for the gen

Also currently stuff at Heaton and possibly Chillingham Road which is pretty much opposite.

You can find the new unimog(s)! No one else knows where it is...

When I last visited the Metro system on 1st June, it appeared that the temporary yard at Chillingham Road/Heaton was being lifted, however from recent sightings it appears that this yard is still active

Cheers for all the gen - will keep my eyes peeled for new Unimog and trailer

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