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Oldham today

In case anyone's wondering where I spotted the 2 Pod-Trak RR400 EVO2s today, they are in a compound off Featherstall Road South between the petrol station and where the Metrolink coming up from Manchester takes a sharp left away from the original railway route to Westwood instead of straight on to the former Oldham Werneth station.

A mystery, though, was a Road Rail Crane I saw coming in the opposite direction (towards the M60) when I was going up Manchester Road this morning. I thought I saw the first digits of the registration as DC07 but there is no such machine listed here. I saw "ROAD RAIL CRANE" in small capitals on the side but I am unsure it actually had rail wheels fitted. With traffic etc not permitting anything other than a short glance, it will probably remain a mystery but if anyone could say if RRC have non-rail wheel fitted machines, that could explain it.

Hi Andrew.

When I visited Road Rail Cranes Depot at Wrexham on 23/2/17,they had a road crane in the yard with reg no DC07EAK.

When asked about it I was told it was going to be having some rail wheels fitted, so the question is whether they have been fitted yet Iam sure time will tell hope the info is of some use.

Hi Yorkshire Puddings

Fantastic: that was it! I reckoned the letters were EA*, just missed the last one.

Many thanks


PS The RR 14 EVO2s had gone from where they were yesterday. I didn't look to see if they had gone completely or were nearby.

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