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Pangbourne HOBC

HOBC set last night at Pangbourne again - also seen once last week. Too dark to see properly but if anyone posted consist elsewhere please let me know. Arrived approx 2130 from Willesden I believe. Last week it was 924xx wagons.

Last weeks sighting only showed a VM80 and 7 MFS wagons, was that the total consist or only those identified.

Yes that's all I could identify of a much longer train - I was passing the station parallel on relief lines as it was moving in the same direction on the main line into the darkness!

Thanks for the info, Ben. I just wondered if it was a vacuum ballast removal session.

Appears to be scheduled again for tonight. If it runs I may pop out and try to see it properly!

More success tonight at Reading - consist now posted although I missed the barrier wagon at the end. Passed through quite quickly at about 2145. 73117 & 77907 headed off ahead of it at around 2115.

Two Windhoff sets also headed eastbound to Ruscombe (2135) and Maidenhead (2200) but missed consist of the latter as it was running late.

It returned leaving Tilehurst East Junction at 0400. It is due to run again tonight.

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