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Peterborough Yesterday

Good Afternoon, yesterday I saw 2 T/M at Peterborough both in different directions, One of them was 73115 which was working from Rugby to Huntingdon (Down Sidings) the other sneaked round Platform 7 heading Northbound to Derby from Diss. Does anybody know which machine this was? tt has gone back to Diss today. Any answers would be appreciated.

Best Wishes


To help us help you, are there any clues about the colour/owner/type of the one that sneaked round?

It was yellow, but I know that's not much help. It was similar to 73115, so might be 73117 as I have seen that a few times at Diss. I know it's not much help, but I was walking back to the station from Westfield Road and saw the number from the railings

I hope it helps as I know it's not much help from my point of view


Also if it's any help RTT have 620A as reporting code

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