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Railhead Treatment Train.

Can anyone tell me the Wagon numbers of the treatment train that passed Westerleigh junction going towards Bristol Parkway at aprox 12.30 / 13.00 hrs Today 29-11-2014 thanking you Bill

Hopefully someone can confirm, but I believe the Bristol area RHTT uses 642012 and 642032.

Thanks Peter. Thought it may have been them. So dirty can't make out numbers. PS are the wagons ex "bin liner" wagons. Thanks. Bill

I will confim later once I've checked tops in work later.

The 6420xx series of wagons were 2005 new builds from the same Greenbriar production line that was responsible for all the FEAs twinsets in Freightliner use.

(The 6410xx set started split between NR and Freightliner for Infra use, but most have gravitated to revenue traffics with Freightliner).

The ex bin-liner wagons in RHTT use (largely south of the Thames) are the RIV numbered singles in the 99 70 9310 0xx set. These were previously 925xx in the PO number series. Yet to see one myself, as every time I venture in that direction I get an MPV - and never the pair I still need!

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